Monday, October 8, 2012

Influencer Appreciation Week: Scott Guthrie

I personally preferred ASP development over Cold Fusion development. I think that was mostly influenced by my oreference for Visual InterDev. That's not to say I didn't have my complaints. Making good objects was tedious. Handling form data was tedious. Typing all those <% %> was tedious.

Then in 2001 I read about a new thing being developed by Microsoft called ASP.NET.  Man this thing was awesome and made making my pages so much easier. I could make a page and the controls would automagially maintain state between page posts. I could load a page on my WAP phone and it worked!

I couldn't afford Visual Studio but I slowly migrated my development time from Visual InterDev to spending most of my time in WebMatrix. A language war broke out, and being a self-taught developer my insecurity drove me to learn C# because I thought it looked more like what "real" programmers use (I had pervious.y made several failed attempts to learn to make applications in C++).

I fell in love with ASP.NET and still love it today. thank you Scott Guthrie for giving us ASP.NET.

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