Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Influencer Appreciation Week: Jonathan Cogley

In 2008, I was the only developer where I worked. While it afforded my the opportunity to "work the whole stack". it also meant I could often get stuck, and getting unstuck was hard. I decided that there was probably a user group that I could join to spend some time with my peers. An internet search landed me at the RockNUG website. As it happened they had just had their monthly meeting and the speaker, Jonathan Cogley, had given a talk on TDD. Since I had discovered TDD the previous year, I clicked on his bio to learn a bit more. On his site I happened across a job posting. There are very few moments in life you can attribute to "fate", but here I was staring at a job description that read as if I had written it in response to the question "write a job posting for your dream job". A week later I had a new job. Working at Thycotic was an amazing experience. I learned about what doing development right looks like and I got to help many other companies see the benefits of Agile and TDD as well.

Thank you Jonathan for giving me the opportunity to learn and spread the joys of Agile and TDD.

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