Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why I Re-activated my Facebook Account

Last week I had had enough of Facebook. The most recent issue I've had with it is how spammers are now using your social network graph to make spam look more like legitimate emails by adding from names and cc'ing real people. 

So I left Facebook.

Well actually I am a coward so I only deactivated my account. And for the last week I haven't missed it one bit. 

Then last night I had a vivid dream about my dad, who lost his battle with cancer last August. When I awoke I remembered the dream so vividly and I was overcome with the feeling that if I ever decided to come back to Facebook, my dad would not be there to accept my friend request.

There are a few other friends I have lost in the last couple of years and I find myself occasionally visiting their walls to read the words from others who share the sadness from them missing in our lives. 

So today I re-activated my account. To bring me comfort that there's a virtual space for me to reflect on the loved ones who can no longer accept my friend requests. 

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